Being a Designer is Like Being Fred Astaire

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When I get a new client, I rejoice in the process of getting to know them. Their physical space and their dream of how this "space" should look and feel. A house is a house, so, you have the same elements to work with every time. A living room and bedroom, a bathroom, a den etcetera, etcetera...

Yet, no matter the familiarity with the bones of the house, you still have to "dance" with the imagination and desires of the home owners to make it a space that truly belongs to THEM! You have to make it a "home" and not just a house. Every client is different and every dance is different even though the elements you work with are always the same.

This simple truth reminded me of Fred Astaire. You're probably thinking "Whaaaa...". Well, in the video below, taken from the FABULOUS movie "Royal Wedding", Fred Astaire's character is on a cruise ship (lucky beggar) and goes to the gym on the ship to practice dancing (MAN! That's a steady ship!). He has the same tools and space that everyone else would work with. However, he adapts and puts an entertaining spin on how to interact with these elements. Some may get it. Some may not.

My main point is, when it comes to style, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. And the beholder is the person I'm trying to understand. I want to make the beholder's dreams come true.

FYI, I grew up watching Fred Astaire and I've always gleaned inspiration from his creativity and physicality. Enjoy! :)